In this 3-to-5 page paper, you will use either an editorial or an op-ed column in The New York Times or other major daily newspaper as your basic text. The objective is to apply the Toulmin model as a way of diagramming the argumentative structure of the article. In your essay, you should

1) Outline the basic argumentative structure of the Toulmin model, clearly describing the model and defining its key elements.
2) Apply the model to the article you are analyzing, clearly indicating how the argument aligns with the argumentation functions delineated in the model. Be sensitive to argument chains in the article, and use the model to chart the major argument chains that you find. Show how multiple chains lead to the main argument claim of the editorial/op-ed, if applicable.
3) Draw the argument (or at least the main argument) of the editorial/op-ed. into the Toulmin diagram format (i.e., layout the argument parts in the diagram format).
4) Justify your analysis (i.e., by presenting arguments supporting the cogency and accuracy of your analysis). That is, do not just label this as a claim and that as a warrant. Rather, explain why this functions as a claim and that as a warrant.
5) Indicate what kind of a claim the claim is; what kind of a warrant the warrant is, etc. Again, do not simply label: explain why the labels fits the example.

please send me the article you choose to use because i will need to submit it as well in person.

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