This discussion this week will based on a simulation. You will take a chance at assigning employees to a project with the goals of managing budget, time-line, staff burnout in mind. See the instructions below. Run through a few simulations and see what your results are.

What did you learn? What from the readings from this week helped you to make decisions? Do you think you could make these decisions in a real scenario with a more complex Gantt chart? Why or why not?

  • Your answers should be approximately 200-250 words.
  • You should cite any information that you use from an external source properly.

The Project Management Game Instructions – This game is centered around a common project management scheduling tool known as a Gantt chart. Basically your goal is to assign your staff to various tasks on the Gantt chart in such a way that the project is completed on-time and under budget. First assign staff to each task, then click the ‘start!’ button.

When the game starts a vertical bar called the TIMELINE will move from left to right across the chart, this line represents the passage of time. Small horizontal black lines will appear on the various task bars which indicate how much progress your staff have made in completing the task. All of the tasks must be completed before the TIMELINE gets to the end of the project at the right side of the chart. You can change staff assignments at anytime until the project is complete or the game is over

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