This paper is about the Movie Uncut Gems

Outline the proposed performance research topic (no more than two pages) and how you will address allor some of the following areas (you may add more areas, as well): Why do you think this performance piece has Jewish cultural themes in it? What message, using these Jewish cultural themes, does the performance artist/writer want to tell theiraudience? What is the history of the performance piece – both in the historical context that it may be depicting; andwhat is the history of the performance piece? What is the performing artist or creators background and identity? How is the performance artist/creators identity part of the piece Does this piece have an impact on the field of performance/theatre/film (etc.) overall? What is the artistic (aesthetic) sensibility of the piece and how does it contribute to the Jewishness in it?IMPORTANT: You MUST also include a list of books, articles, and sources (not all online, meaningsome must come from a library) you will be consulting for your research.You MUST have this approved before you can submit your final paper. I will make comments. on D2Lwhen you submit the proposal. Your paper needs to examine the subject in some depth (using the questions above), with critical thinkingapplied to your source material, and documentation (in the text or notes) for any statements of opinion orcontroversial statements.You need to consider your subject within the themes and ideas we have looked at in class how does thistopic fit in and relate to other topics in the context of the period?Finally you need to make the case for whether the performance piece is successful or not; and why?The paper is 10 double-spaced typed pages (font size 10-12 with normal margins), withappropriate footnotes (or endnotes) (Chicago Manual of Style format)You should consult at least 3 different sources, at least 1 of them must be a reputablesource that is not from the internet. Primary sources are even the better. You may use web sources whenappropriate. Include a bibliography in proper format To get full credit, you must have turned in aproposal and had it approved.Grading: The research paper will be 30 points of your grade.You are the writer, either critical or historical. This paper must be your own work it mustreflect your own thinking on the topic, and your own research and investigation. You will consultand cite your sources, but you must also apply your own interpretations. Plagiarism in any form copying of the words of another will not be permitted in this paper. You will get no credit for a paperwith substantial plagiarism if in doubt, ask me. Be particularly careful about cut-and-paste jobs from theweb. 

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