Your Assignment 

For your Research Proposal, you will need to outline a full study based on your chosen line of inquiry. You will need to prove this by selecting a research question that you are genuinely curious about, examining relevant and credible preliminary sources to understand the current scholarly conversation surrounding the topic, and critically contemplating what a research study would look like by planning the full process. 

For this first draft of the Research Proposal:

  1. Select a research question (time to commit!) 
  2. Examine relevant and credible sources (this is just preliminary stuff, just show me that you are taking a peek at the current conversations surrounding your topic)
    1. Include Writing about Writing and Easy Writer to define key terms 
    2. Choose two additional popular sources that introduce your research topic 
  3. Plan the full research process (overview, objective, methodology, timeline, any other relevant information)
  4. Parameters

    • File submission such as .docx or .pdf
    • The filename should include your last name and some sort of descriptor (kovalick_researchproposal_draft1.docx)
    • 2 full pages minimum for this draft 
    • Helpful Readings

      • Writing about Writing p. 34-40
      • EasyWriter p. R2-R19
      • Peer Review Best Practices 
      • Previous student examples 

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