This is a continuation of your Final Assignment. In Week 3, you worked on Significant Contributions to Public Health Final Assignment Part 1. For this part of the assignment, you will add 18 more PowerPoint slides with detailed speakers notes of at least 100 words for each slide to your Week 3 assignment for a total of 30 slides, not including the title and reference slides. 

Your Week 3 assignment should have included each of the following elements:

  • Describe your selected persons experience.
  • Analyze the climate of the time period in terms of political, socioeconomic, environmental, and          technological context in which this person worked.
  • Examine the personal beliefs of your person that prompted this work.
  • Examine how this individual overcame any adversities to succeed.
  • Describe the final outcome of this individuals contribution to community or public health.
  • Explain what this persons contribution did for overall community or public health at the time.
  • Explain why this contribution was so important at that particular point in history.

As a note, your reference slide(s) belong at the end of the presentation. As you create the content, it is     expected that you will formulate a well thought out analysis  for each segment with logical transitions as  you would a professional presentation. Research and critical thinking are large components of this project. 

This week you will be adding the second half to your project by completing the following steps:

  • Integrate Significant Contributions to Public Health Final Assignment Part 1, including any revisions  based on feedback you received.
  • Examine the individuals contribution to community or public health.
  • Analyze the impact of your individuals contribution on todays public health system.
    • TIP: You are asking, What happened as a result of this contribution at the national and                   community level? For example, some elements you could address include:
      • Did it change attitudes?
      • Did it change protocols and policies?
      • Did behavior change result?
      • Did it add or eliminate laws?
  • Analyze how this contribution is still relevant today.
    • TIP: Was this contribution only applicable at the time it occurred, or is it still applied today?    Why or why not? Explain your response.
  • Examine how this contribution could support or be expanded for future community and public          health benefits.
    • TIP: Using solid critical thinking, look at the historical value of the contribution and examine    how it could be used for the future (is it applicable to another health issue, can it lead to more policy change, could it promote advocacy work or public health laws, etc.).

The Significant Contributions to Public Health Final Assignment Part 2 presentation

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