You will write a SocialIssues Paper for this class and develop the paper over the course of thesemester. (Taken from The Sociology Students Writing Manual 6ed, (Johnson,Rettig, Scott & Garrison, 2010).

The purpose of thisissue reaction paper is to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writingskills. Your objective in writing this type of paper is to define an issueclearly and to formulate and clarify your position on that issue by reacting toa controversial statement. Minimum 5 sources academic peer-reviewed. Pleaseuse APA formatting. 

For now, you need to finish the first three tasks of this assignment:

1.       Select a suitable reaction statement.

2.       Explain your selection

3.       Clearly define the issue addressed in thestatement

Answer all the questions on one page. You might not need to cite just now. 

Will pick you as the writer for any future tasks for this assignment.

Make sure you ask me if you have any questions.

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