Cover page is incorrect format see the sample its a separate page

APA format – no bold
Page header contains the title of the paper as well as the page number
Section headers are centered
Double spacing in the text no gaps
References separate page single spaced see the sample
The intro is long
The hypothesis is short and does not include an explanation of the null hypothesis
Content Review should be Literature Review
Missing many citations for statements of fact
Citations require the year in parentheses
Grammar issues edit more
Citations go inside the punctuation
                Not . (Heins, 2014)
                But (Heins, 2014).
                Age 18-65 why?
                Race (for example) 0=other, 1=blacks, 2=whites
                Gender 0=men, 1=women (if thats what the literature infers)
                Political same scheme as above
                Education same scheme
                Content 0=similar points of view, 1=opposing points of view
                Reasons = there is no operationalization (values) for these
Unit of analysis is the one thing that is being counted
                e.g. one case of censorship
Population and sample are undefined
Frame is the definition of the count of the sample
The analysis reads like more literature review and not a detailed analysis of the methodology items
This reads more like a policy paper than a methods paper
Recommendations the constitution and various cases already protect freedom of speech
                Additional regulations not needed

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