Final Project:  Portfolio



Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of course concepts through a portfolio of their best work.


Students will create a portfolio of online content for a non-profit organization of their choice.  Students will offer a Social Media Plan.  Using the concepts from the course, students will present four different kinds of content for social media representing their nonprofit organization well.  Students should use a variety of approaches and different social media platforms.  Evidence of having examined the most recent news relating to that nonprofit organization is required. 


  1. Choose a nonprofit organization. 
  2. Research the current situation for the nonprofit. How are they using social media currently?  What issues affect the organization today?
  3. Create a Social Media Plan, using the sections outlined in the textbook.
  4. Develop four different samples of representing that nonprofit through social media. For example, an infographic, a twitter post, a series of instagram pictures, a word art, a brochure, a newsletter, or some other content that we’ve created would be appropriate.
  5. Offer products that are technologically effective and professionally created.
  6. Include a bibliography of references used for any aspect of the project in APA form.
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