In lecture, we learned about conformity and groupthink.  In discussion this week, you will critically examine a situation in which you feel groupthink and pressure towards conformity may have occurred. 
In your initial post, please address the following:
  • Describe a situation, either personal or professional, where you were a part of group decision making that went against what you felt was right or best.
  • Analyze what factors led you to reduce your opposition or stop arguing against the group’s stance.
    • Hint: try to use some of the factors examined in lecture that can contribute to groupthink. For instance, explain whether you were pressured by other group members to conform.
  • Describe the end result of the situation.  Assess whether the group was successful in its decision-making.
  • Finally, evaluate how you might have behaved differently in this situation given what you learned in class so far.Summarize whether you think the pressure towards conformity and groupthink could have been reduced in this situation.

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