I need someone to run a full and complete factor analysis on the data in theexcel tables.


The data should be run separately on eachsection of the questionnaire (the sections are evident from the questionnairesin PDF uploaded and on the excel data) and presented side by side (left sidenurses/students and right-side educators).


The factor analysis should include:

1.   Principal Component analysis

2.   Maximum likelihood extraction

3.   Principal axis factoring extraction

4.   Oblique rotation

5.   Orthogonal rotation (on all the data with oblique, alsoorthogonal).

6.   another rotation – can be discussed what type with the writer.


        all graphs and diagrams should not be images, to allow me tochange them. Best if they are exported (with their data) to excel.



The files’ named *statistical analysis (3files) – are tables of what is already done and needs to be extended.


word file: “DisAbility Characteristics01-25-2022” – Graphic description of results – not to use “Item 1 -(etc.)” but the name of the question.

Other word files are explanations of the workdone.


I am uploading the files I have with therotations that already has been done.


I need the data to be in SPSS files andexported to excel.

I am available for clarifications andexplanations.


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