·         This assignment must be 3-5 five pages in length (of text),

·         12 pt. font and

·         1.5 spaced

·          APA referencing and formatting

·          Grammar will be marked as well as content.

·         A title page with all relevant information (this does not count as one of the text pages).




Correctly referencing your work is crucial as poorly referenced work will not only lose you points but it also risks accusations of plagiarism.  As such, you MUST be sure that you have fully and correctly cited ALL sources you used.  This applies not only to direct quotations but also to paraphrases or the indirect use of another’s work.  If you have drawn upon or been influenced by the ideas or theories of another work, then you should reference your work in a manner that makes this apparent to the reader. 




1.      What are the main themes, points and arguments made in the film/documentary?

2.      How do/did the themes and arguments made in the film/documentary connect to course materials thus far? Why? Why not?

3.      What is your position/feeling about the film/documentary? Do you think they did a good job of making the points/ arguments and explaining the issues? Why? Why not?

4.      How could they have done a better job? Is there anything you felt was well done? Weak? Could have been done better or made more convincing? Why?

5.      If you were approaching the topic of choice what would you have done in terms of approaching the issues/topic?


Juno Mac: The laws that sex workers really want | TED Talk

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