As we have learned, healthcare costs and coverage have changed and will continue to change. Healthcare professionals in all fields will have to adapt to those changes and think of new ways to remain focused on the patient. This Ted Talk focuses on one man’s story and his view of how both the patient and healthcare professionals need to be open to change.

View the Ted talk titled “Health Care Should be a Team Sport” and complete the writing assignment (link to video and assignment criteria below).

After viewing the video, write a 1-2 page paper about your thoughts on the video and the speaker’s suggestions on changing the way we approach health care. Also, has his experience changed your views on how patients are treated and/or how a patient can impact the process. Out of the 3 suggestions (Care Anywhere, Care Networking, and Care Customization), he gives in the video, which do you think is either more important or more likely to be implemented. Format – 12pt font; double spaced; 1 inch margins

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