For this assignment, you will need to cite five sources related to a particular topic you are interested in using MLA format.  This topic should be a social issue that is presented or discussed in a piece of music you feel ties in well to your research.  One of these sources, your primary source, will be this song or album.  You must also include one book source, one non-print source such as an interview or film, and one scholarly source.  For each of these citations, you will then need to summarize the source in a brief paragraph followed by a second short paragraph of analysis where you evaluate how this source is useful in terms of investigating your topic. 

An excellent annotated bibliography will::

      Incorporate a variety of sources including primary, book, non-print and scholarly sources

      Adhere to a proper MLA 8th edition citation format for each citation.  If you use an online generator, you are still responsible for checking the accuracy of your citation

      Include a concise 2-3 sentence summary that describes the author’s purpose or claims for each of your sources

      Include a compact 2-3 sentence paragraph for each source that evaluates how the text could be useful for your research

      Follow proper MLA formatting

      Use academic style

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