For this short paper activity, you will learn about the three delays model, which explains why women and/or their babies so often die during childbirth in resource-poor settings. You will look at determinants of health, assess how they influence maternal mortality, and consider how they can be addressed through innovations and interventions that have worked well in similar situations. You may need to do some additional outside research to support your recommendations.
For this assignment, complete the following steps:
1.Review The Three Delays Model and Our Integrated Approach.
2.Watch Dying to Give Birth: One Woman’s Tale of Maternal Mortality. The captioned version of this video may be accessed in the following link:
3.In your short paper, specifically address the following critical elements:
Using the three delays model, identify two to three specific delays that Mama Sessay faced. Why are they significant?
What are the core determinants of health that contributed to the specific delays that you identified?
What policy recommendations could you make that might help remedy some of these specific delays?

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