Hey so there are two jobs I’m going to have you do remember the big fish is the document you will do all the work in and will send it back to me. First look at the comments on ahmad lit review 2 w comments. You will need to fix those comments in the big fish. The second thing is very very very important, she wants me to edit my paper so it follows the guidelines of an umbrella review. An umbrella review is a synthesis of systematic reviews. I added an article on what an umbrella review is and what needs to be done. i did most of the work it will just be a little adding and editing to sections. You dont have to delete anything just add stuff. you will have to edit both tables, synthesis section, search for evidence, and articles. and will have to include odd ratios and relative risk in all tables for all articles and whatever the umbrella guideline says. I need this done asap. I also attache my articles for this paper 1-3. You will also have to reference the umbrella paper somewhere.

Look at files.

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