1. Students will choose a Social Problem /  Issue

2. Develop an outline….and from it a 3-5 page paper, APA Format describing/comparing a MACRO APPROACH (community /  agency-based ) AND a MICRO APPROACH ( individually based ) to solving the problem.

3. Using the Generalist Practice Approach also known as the Generalist Intervention Model ( GIM ) to address the social problem/issue discuss the process from a MICRO and MACRO PERSPECTIVE.

4. The focus of the assignment is for you to compare, contrast, and integrate the MICRO and MACRO (A) APPROACHES, (B) SKILLS ( engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, termination, follow-up )(C) ROLES ( See Chapter One, pg 6 ), and (D) KNOWLEDGE ( systems theory, hbse, social work practice, policy, and policy practice, and research ).. Your client system… individual/family…. community/organization….

The paper should be presented in an APA Format… 3-5 pages ( excluding outline and reference page ).. Outline to be submitted with paper ( can be included at the beginning of paper )..  Chapters One, Three, and Four in Kirst-Ashman and Hull along with the article on Macro Practice can be used as reference sources..

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