For your selected HBR Journal Article, complete a 1 to 1.5-page summary (Times Roman 12 single-space): Identify the core concepts in each journal article by listing and defining the concepts in your own words and self-reflect on what you learned. The papers should be organized, well-written, and represent a true interaction with the course material and not simply a re-phrasing of course text material. Your personal opinions, experiences, parallels and responses are the objective, using the guiding questions below: 


  •  What I learned that I can apply to my own understanding of change management 

  •  What I learned that I can/will use or incorporate into my organization

  •  What I learned that changed my thinking on leading change or areas that I do not understand or disagree

  •  Come to class prepared to discuss  

Your HBR Change Journal Review will be your talking points for the class discussion. You should be prepared to present, defend, and educate us on your perspectives. Your participation points will come largely from these discussions.

Article  pdf website:

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