This essay assignment asks you to consider some viewpoints on research and to make sense of them around a central idea or problem you identify. Which ideas and concepts seem to be the most important to you, and why? What have you learned or discovered?  Some other questions to consider:

What is significant or problematic about the ideas we’ve examined?
Should we change our views about what makes good research?
How do the bad ideas about research get in the way of good research?
What counts as expertise? 
HOw can we determine whether and if something is credible?
If we’ve made the determination that something is good, what happens when others don’t believe us? Or, what do we do with this information?
What is good research, and what makes it good? 

Your answers to these questions will form the focus of your essay– your thesis– and you will develop that focus using 3-4 sources from the materials provided. 

More details:
* Your essay should be 1000 words (Not counting heading, title, or WCP)
*Include a clear thesis statement– the final sentence of your introductory paragraph– that    focuses the essay on the central point you want to make
*Effectively summarizes all sources and uses the information via quoting and paraphrasing to develop the ideas
*Includes a Works Cited page in MLA format

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