The paper should include all of those thing.

APA Format/Overall Organization: Title page, appropriate headings, reference page. Organize the paper in a coherent way. Make sure to proofread your paper for spelling and grammar errors.

Vocation  Describe your understanding of vocation (calling), what it means to you and what you believe your vocation might be. Use at least one of the Ted Talks or articles in Moodle under Unit 3.

  Introduction   Introduce who you are and what is important to you. Summarize your personality, interests, values, skills and experiences in 2-3 paragraphs. (How would you briefly describe yourself in a cover letter or in an interview?)

  Birkman Report   Birkman Map: Describe your Interests, Usual Style, Needs and Stress behaviors and if you agree with it. Why or why not?

Birkman Interests: Describe your top 3 areas of interests and if you agree with the Birkman. Why or why not?

  Career Path

Choose one potential career path that would be a good fit for you based on what you know about your skills, interests, values, and experience. Describe why you chose it.

     Action Steps: Name three steps you can take to bring you closer to that career path. What are the obstacles or challenges that could potentially get in your way? Who can help you? How?

   Resume Create a targeted resume for this career path. Highlight your skills and experiences that would make an employer want to hire you for the career path you have chosen.


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