Answer the following question using concepts and lessons from class.  The use of outside scholarly resources (articles, books, etc) for this assignment will be necessary.  The recommended length is 500 words.  Keep use of the first-person voice to a minimum.   Use APA style for all citations and Works cited 

1) Find the poverty rate in high quality academic or official sources (cite them) for at least two of the following and report your findings in your answer: 

Asian Americans,            18 and younger Americans,    Two states (your choice),     La Jolla, CA 

Latino/Hispanic Americans,         Americans with an advanced degree (above bachelor’s),

Brazil,        Disabled Americans,      Singapore,     African Americans,   France,      65 and older Americans, 

Zambia,     New Zealand,     Native Americans,          Americans with no high school diploma

What are the mostly likely contributing factors to this rate?  Use high quality evidence and reasoning to support your case. Avoid speculation or mere opinion. 

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