The Color of Law

  1. What is de jure? What is de facto?
  2. For whom was public housing originally created?
  3. Speak about the current use of public housing in terms of de jure segregation vs de facto segregation.
  4. After WWII, what impact did the real estate industry (lobby) have on public housing? How has that impact affected the reputation of public housing and the demographics of its residents?
  5. Give at least three examples of instances in which the government racially segregated cities/communities that were not racially segregated prior to public housing being built.

Space Over Time

  1. How does Marcuse (1998) describe the difference between a ghetto and an enclave? Between segregation and congregation?
  2. Do you agree? Give examples of areas that might be categorized this way.
  3. Peter Marcuse (1998) describes clustering in two ways. What are they? How are they distinct?
  4. From your personal experience, do his categorization and description ring true?

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