You will write a Social Issues Homework for this class and develop the work over the course of the semester. (Taken from The Sociology Students Writing Manual 6ed, (Johnson, Rettig, Scott & Garrison, 2010).

The purpose of this issue reaction work is to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills. Your objective in writing this type of work is to define an issue clearly and to formulate and clarify your position on that issue by reacting to a controversial statement. Minimum 5 sources academic peer reviewed. Please use APA formatting. 

You have six tasks to address in order to complete the assignment.

1. Select a suitable reaction statement.

2. Explain your selection

3. Clearly define the issue addressed in the statement

4. Clearly state your position on the statement

5. Defend your position

6. Conclude concisely

Step One complete tasks 1-3 and get teachers approval – 1 page (5 points) 

Step Two Produce an outline of your work – 1 page (5 points) 

Step Three Completed work – 5-6 pages including the title page (15 points) 

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