Legislation is the process of creating a bill, sending the bill to committee, marking up a bill, and finally voting on the bill.
This is not an easy process and many bills that are introduced never make it out of committee. Why do legislators not want safe staffing for nurses, or
better mental healthcare, or vaccines for children? Money is one issue. The big tobacco companies, Pharma, and others lobby against passing bills.
That is why nurses are needed! For week 4,you will choose proposed legislation (not enacted) and analyze it. Remember that there are two parts.
For part 1, please use the template that is provided, which will ensure that you address all of the essential elements of the assignment. For part 2,
you will write an advocacy statement. This should be written in first person, in a persuasive manner, aimed at addressing the concerns of the opponents or
proponents to your proposed legislation, depending on which stand you take.
Submit your Legislation Comparison Grid (Part 1) and your Advocacy Statement (Part 2). Be sure to compare your grid and advocacy statement to the assignment rubric,
which is used for grading. Please let me know if you have questions. The Advocacy Statement should have:
Testimony in Support of your Position
Rebuttal to Opposition
Proposed Amendment to Bill
Use APA in-text citations in your advocacy statement. Use 5 references. References do not count as a page.
If you are having trouble finding opposition to your bill, look for older bills on the same health issue that were not passed and discuss those opponents.
Most often the same opposition will come up if not corrected in the new bill.
I would recommend combining yourLegislationComparisonGridandAdvocacy Statementtogether in one document.If you upload separately,be sure to attach to the assignment
link at the same time.Theresponse needs tofully integrate at least2outside resources and2-3course specific resources that fully supports the summary provided

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