Find a specific job, internship, or graduate study listing you would be interested in pursuing.(BUSINESS RELATED JOB) Make sure it requires a letter of recommendation. Your task is to request a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors. You will be writing an email to the instructor requesting a letter of recommendation.

Write three paragraphs by incorporating the information from the questions listed below.  These questions will help you plan your request and what you will include in your email.  After reviewing the questions, write the request using Microsoft WORD. You will attach the email file to this assignment link. See the e-mail grading rubric in this module.  Do NOT submit the answers to the questions below.  Use these as a guide for your email requesting the letter or recommendation.

  1. Why would your instructor want to write a letter of recommendation for you? What would increase your instructor’s willingness and delight in writing a letter for you?
  2. What tone will you try to project in your email?
  3. What information about you would your instructor need to write a letter of recommendation?
  4. How can you make it easier for your instructor to write a letter of recommendation?
  5. How can you show courtesy to your instruction since she/he is using her/his own time to do a favor for you?
  6. How will you order your message? What will be the subject line?
  7. Write the email request for a letter of recommendation.


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