Today Product Life Cycle Analysis as a Marketing tool is paramount and as marketing

professionals the need to understand how to use and measure this challenge has

become an increasing valuable tool.


Discuss the advantages of using Product Life Cycles in the sales process.

After reading Chapter 7, review the Competitive Analysis Worksheet. Please

review and respond to the following:

o Value-added product selling strategies are developed and enhanced when

salespeople analyze product, company and salesperson attributes of the

competition in relation to the benefits they offer. Ultimately, this

information assists the salesperson and differentiates, creates value within

the sales process.

After viewing the worksheet begin completing the analysis by responding to the

areas in question.

o Begin by developing a company product and compare and contrast with

your competitors, A & B. Upon completion of the analysis you can begin to

develop your SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and

Threats. Begin to draw some analysis. Where are your Strengths,

Weaknesses, Opportunities Threats?

o Where are your competitors Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities],

Threats, explain? Are there any similarities, explain?

o Describe some proactive strategies needed to take place.


Submit a Word document in APA format.

Maximum one page in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages.

At least two resources, excluding the textbook.

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