Choose one sociological issue relevant to systems/structures of oppression to conduct further research on (see list of possible topics below). You are to connect class content (ie. eText and additional materials provided in class) with additional research items you discover in your own exploration of your chosen topic. You CAN pick your own topic if it is approved by me first.The paper will be 4 pages, double-spaced not including title page, abstract, or reference page. This is a research paper and should be written as such – formally, with resources cited within the text and at the end of the paper (APA formatting). Make sure you answer in your OWN words – do not plagiarize.

topic :9) Structural-level oppressions created by presidential/government policies

Make sure you have an intro paragraph introducing and discussing the topic. In this paragraph also discuss why this topic is important.

  • Use at least 3 scholarly articles found in the Library database (if you are unsure how to access the databases, you can ask me or ask one our very helpful librarians). Don’t forget to cite them.
  • You can also do additional research by Googling the topic and by looking at the eText (still needs to be cited). 
  • At the end, you can discuss your own personal feelings on the topic and on the research you found. AND, discuss how you personally relate to the topic.

You will be graded on the following:

  • Writing: Clearly written, free of grammatical, punctuation, capitalization… errors, uses paragraphs, well-organized, correct citing, double-spaced, 4 pages of content.
  • The importance and relevance of the topic is thoroughly explained and supported. 
  • Research is incorporated well:  scholarly articles from the library used as well as any other research, discussed and analyzed thoughtfully. 
  • Topic is reflected on deeply as it relates to the student’s personal perspectives and experiences.
  • Please see the grading rubric below!!

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