1) Read the article I Learned It From YouTube! (And Other Challenges of Teaching Voice) by Robert Marks. Then, Identify and wr/ite down the authors main point and/or argument.

  1. Formulate your position as you wr/ite your out/line and summ/ary (do not wr/ite your position on the article at this time; however, please summ/arise carefully and identify various weak points and/or strengths in the article).
  2. Outl/ine your selected article with the information above in mind.
  3. Save your annotations, outline, and additional notes.
  4. Post photos of your article annotations and provide a writt/en summ/ary of the article.

Link: https://www.bobmarks.com/downloads/Challenges_of_Teaching_Voice_by_Robert_marks.pdf

2)  View the following videos and provide a brief writt/en respon/se.


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