Find a specific job, internship, or graduate study listing you would be interested in pursuing.(BUSINESS RELATED JOB) Make sure it requires a letter of recommendation. Your task is to request a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors. You will be writing an email to the instructor requesting a letter of recommendation.

Write three paragraphs by incorporating the information from the questions listed below.  These questions will help you plan your request and what you will include in your email.  After reviewing the questions, write the request using Microsoft WORD. You will attach the email file to this assignment link. See the e-mail grading rubric in this module.  Do NOT submit the answers to the questions below.  Use these as a guide for your email requesting the letter or recommendation.

  1. Why would your instructor want to write a letter of recommendation for you? What would increase your instructor’s willingness and delight in writing a letter for you?
  2. What tone will you try to project in your email?
  3. What information about you would your instructor need to write a letter of recommendation?
  4. How can you make it easier for your instructor to write a letter of recommendation?
  5. How can you show courtesy to your instruction since she/he is using her/his own time to do a favor for you?
  6. How will you order your message? What will be the subject line?
  7. Write the email request for a letter of recommendation.


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1) Read the article I Learned It From YouTube! (And Other Challenges of Teaching Voice) by Robert Marks. Then, Identify and wr/ite down the authors main point and/or argument.

  1. Formulate your position as you wr/ite your out/line and summ/ary (do not wr/ite your position on the article at this time; however, please summ/arise carefully and identify various weak points and/or strengths in the article).
  2. Outl/ine your selected article with the information above in mind.
  3. Save your annotations, outline, and additional notes.
  4. Post photos of your article annotations and provide a writt/en summ/ary of the article.


2)  View the following videos and provide a brief writt/en respon/se.


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Read the attached articles have attached as pdfs to this post.

Provide a summary and response to this article that incorporates citations or paraphrases from the article.  Be sure to cite these passages appropriately.  About 1 page should be a summary and about 2 pages should be a response (i.e., your thoughts, impressions, agreements/disagreements).

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Read “Island Civilization: A Vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium” by Rodrick Frazier Nash.  I have attached a pdf of this article to this post.


Locate one peer-reviewed journal article related to eco-psychology and/or climate change and submit it as a pdf file via email.  Here is a brief video detailing what peer-review means.

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 To iterate, students are to choose one of the protagonists from the stories read in class (Mrs. Mallard, the narrator from “Sonny’s Blues,” or Connie) and analyze that protagonist’s character arc, which is how and why a character changes within a story. Consider first how the protagonist is initially presented then discuss how various plot events help to propel that protagonist to some kind of epiphany or self-realization by the end of the story. To 

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APA format-in-text citation, reference include, 1 page

Topic Option 2 – LTC Reimbursement & Billing: SNFs and the Role of the MDS 3.0; SNF Consolidated Billing; SNF PDPM Model; CMS Penalties for SNF Reimbursement; CMS Value-Based Initiatives; CMB Billing CMS 1440 for NF/ICF/IID (UB-04) Processes; Private Pay Billing Practices for LTC Services; Licensed Medicare and Medicaid Home Health and Hospice Agencies Practices for PPS, Billing Codes, and Procedures; and Managed Care Organizations Billing Practices, Procedures, and Requirements. 

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APA format,in-text citation, reference include, 1 page

Considering staggering expenditure on healthcare in the USA, evaluate the current healthcare system, and offer some areas of potential cost reduction. Provide some ideas on how to accomplish the cost reduction without a drop in patient care quality. Make sure to offer credible evidence to support your ideas.  

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Reflect on how you have grown as a presenter and speaker throughout this course, and how the knowledge and skills you have developed can be applied to your future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Areas of Growth: Describe specific areas related to presentations and public speaking that you believe you have shown and felt the most growth in, and how these areas of growth will help you academically, professionally, and personally.
  • Areas of Opportunity: Describe specific areas related to presentations and public speaking that you believe you need to continue to develop, and why these areas will be beneficial to your academic, professional, and personal development.

Guidelines for Submission

Record and submit a 1- to 2-minute video journal using Bongo. 

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In this module, you have been asked to complete the Strengthsfinder Survey. This survey is one of many rigorously tested, well-known personality profile surveys in the market and provides an opportunity for you to consider some of the strengths that you bring to your career next steps.  This survey is one tool to support your process of self-understanding.  It is not exhaustive and does not provide a full picture of who you are.   

Please reflect on your Strengthsfinder results, which detail a number of character strengths that are unique to you. In this journal, please reflect on the following questions:

  1. Were you surprised by the strengths assigned to you? Which strengths seemed particularly accurate?  Which strengths (if any) seem incorrect?
  2. Briefly describe a time at NLU that you may have used one of the strengths assigned to you by the survey.
  3. Are there other strengths identified in the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book that were not assigned to you today that you would have used to describe yourself?  In what way have you demonstrated that strength?


  • Your journal should be approximately 300-350 words in length and should address each question in the assignment directions.
  • Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading. 
  • Please submit this assignment according to the directions on your syllabus.

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Presentation #1: Identifying and Illustrating my Skills

 There is a valuable lesson to be learned from those who have conducted successful job searches: it is extremely important to define who you are as you embark on your job search AND to be able to illustrate who you are through short stories from your professional and personal life that demonstrate the unique strengths you bring to a role. 

Objective:  Develop a 3-4 minute recorded presentation in which you  (1) define who you are now, using Sidney Fines Three Kinds of Skills, (2) illustrate your skills with a story from your life as directed below and (3) set a goal as to how you will demonstrate/apply your skills in your current internship. You will use PowerPoint or a similar tool to create your presentation.

Recording Directions:  record your completed presentation and upload it into the dropbox for Presentation #1 in D2L. 

Your recording options are:

  1. Panopto:  This option is housed in your D2L course shell and is a video-sharing platform supported by NLU.  Detailed directions for recording and sharing with Panopto can be found
  2. PowerPoint dictation:  Using this option, you would record a voice-over of your PowerPoint slides and share them with your instructor.  Directions for this option can be found
  3. Zoom: you may use zoom to record your presentation, walking your audience through shared slides.  You would use the record function in zoom and then save your completed recording and share it with your instructor in D2L.  Directions for using zoom to record a presentation can be found .  This option does require that you sign up for a temporary free zoom account or that you have your own account.

Presentation Content Directions:  In your presentation, make sure to:

1. Define your skills. (3 Slides-one for each skill type)

a. Using Sidney Fines Three Kinds of Skills (linked ), identify one Transferable/Functional skill (what you can do), one personal trait/attitude (how you conduct yourself), and one knowledge-based skill (what you know)  that best define the strengths you bring to your internship at this moment. (You are encouraged to identify one of these skills from your Strengthsfinder survey.)

2.  Determine how your passions, values, and interests connect to the skills you have identified. (1 slide)

  1. As you think about what you can do, how you behave, and what you know, its also important to think about what you care about and what you love.  Reflect on the connection and share your learnings in this slide.

3. Illustrate with a story.   (1 slide)

  1. Select an event  from your recent past where you have demonstrated 

your identified skills. You might revisit the SOAR  format to tell your story, revisited . You could also consider the storytelling suggestions offered by Katherine Hanson in your assigned readings, found  (Your story must contain: what you wanted to accomplish, a hurdle or obstacles you encountered, a description of what you did, a description of the result that is measurable.)  If you absolutely need to tell more than one story, you can. The goal here is to show your audience how you have demonstrated the skills you have identified.

4. Determine Next Steps.  (1 slide)

  1. Now that you have identified three current skills, identify ways that you might demonstrate  (or more effectively demonstrate) these skills in your current internship, job, or extracurricular activity.

Required Readings for Presentation:  

  •  Skillscan (2012) The Three Types of Skills Classification
  • Hansan, K. Use Stories to Prove Your Skills. LiveCareer.
  • Rivera, R. (2015, February 15).  Have S.O.A.R or S.T.A.R Statements Prepared for Your Next Interview. LinkedIn.

Just to let you know that I am Computer Science student so present it accordingly

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