Apply the constructs of the Health Belief Model to a health behavior associated with a communicable disease (in at least 6 sentences).

NOTE: Provide at least one APA 6th Edition In-Text Citation and Reference.

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This task will require you to analyze the Costco case according to the following guidelines.

1.     Is Costcos retail industry attractive? To answer the question, you must refer specifically to the Porters Five Forces model (300-500 words).

2.     Use the VRIN(O) model to analyze two distinctive competencies that Costco can leverage that its competitors cannot (300-500 words).

3.     You should use data from the case to provide some financial analysis of the firm and/or industry. The analysis may focus on profitability, liquidity, leverage, and activity

4.     Considering all the issues discussed in the case, and highlighted in your prior Porters Five Forces and VRIN analysis present a SWOT analysis and present your two top recommendations for Costcos future investment priorities (i.e., what two things do you think they should do next and why) (500-800 words).

Overall, this analysis should be around 1600-2000 words. You may use dot points

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Your task is to researchcontemporary authors — those who are considered   literary — and select threeauthors, as well as their work(s) that you think we should study in weeks #12and #13. 


What are the parameters for my research? 

Thethree authors you will eventually select and write about MUST

1.      be American

2.      have been born in 1980 or later

3.      be at least one poet and one prose writer

4.      not have been studied already in the class.

The paper must include the following:

        have an introduction, body, andconclusion, as               **this is an argumentative essay, not an analysis**.

        be 700-1,100 words. 

        argue for your reasons why theseauthors/works merit study in a literature class. Use my notes in the”     About” pages as a guide for making your arguments.

        include quotes and to support yourarguments. You may also use explication and/or interpretation within yourparagraphs, if you wish, but that isn’t mandatory. 

5.     How do I begin?

Your starting point is Google (or another searchengine). Begin with phrases such as “Contemporary literary Americanauthors” or ”        American literary authors 21st century.” If youhave friends or family members who read contemporary literature, ask them. Makethe      same inquiries through social media, especially if you have social    mediafriends who are readers, lit majors, or English teachers. After  that, you canuse Wikipedia (if you must), but if an author has a website, look atthat. 

What is “Textual Research?”

Textual Research is the scholarly name for researchthat examines   the texts in a certain field, area of study, or time period inorder to better understand the concerns and interests of the people involved in  those fields or time period. It is a branch of “empirical” or”primary”   research, meaning that instead of studying what others sayabout a topic, you go out and experience the topic for yourself and draw yourown conclusions.

Please contact me if you want to know if an author has been used!  

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Put this in a powerpoint form 

                     What are the salient points of the article?

The research aimed at examining the relationship between depression and social support among seventy-nine Vietnamese living in a multicultural community in urban areas. This research is about the Vietnamese immigrants living in America. It brings out the aspect of culture shock among these immigrants as a factor that could lead to them suffering from depression as the culture in America is completely different from that in Vietnam. Kinship, non-kinship networks, and perceived influence were measured to determine if either of them contributed to the depression among the Vietnamese individuals living in the large urban setting(Gellis  251). Large urban setting refers to the setting with a dynamic and multicultural culture since there are many people from different origins living there. It focuses on the fact that most of these Vietnamese immigrants have come into America for reasons like fleeing war and poverty in their own country. They aim to find a better life, leading to them having several interactions with other cultures, thus leading to non-kinship interactions.

 This longitudinal research indicated that social demographic factors did not influence the rate of depression among the population under study. This illustrates that the increased rate of depression amongst the population under study was completely free of any influences from the huge urban culture. However, the non-kinship networks factor was largely associated with decreased levels of depression among most of the participants (Gellis 256). The social contexts regarding where these Vietnamese individuals lived were of great importance to determine whether it was linked with depression. The mental health of these Vietnamese immigrants is placed under much importance. The entire research determines whether certain aspects of their lives led to increased depression.






 Work cited

Gellis, Zvi D. “Kin and nonkin social supports in a community sample of Vietnamese immigrants.” Social Work 48.2 (2003): 248-258.

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  • To what extent is the individual shaped by society?
  • Is there such a thing as a social structure that constrains individual action, or is society nothing more than a figment of our imaginations?
  • What does our social class background affect our life chances?

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Leslie finally requests that you help look into the companys declining performance. You ponder what you would suggest to Leslie. All of a sudden,  the concept of the Capacity Quadrant comes to you and you wonder whether Leslie Brinkman can use a bigger boat or should deal with a smaller shark.  

In your first post, share your thinking about each of the four quadrants, and your initial plan. You will likely need to do some additional research. I am looking for your thinking process as you work through the Capacity Quadrant. 

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Discuss adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience. Give examples of each from your own adolescence. In addition, please discuss the emerging adulthood transition. What is/was your transition like? Can adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience cognitive distortions continue to affect people’s judgments and decision-making during the emerging adults period? Do the above cognitive distortions and immature behavior continue during early adulthood (20- 29 years)?

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Assignment Prompt

One of the most important qualities that we develop as graduate students is an awareness of the thought leaders in our fields. This is the work that supercharges our activities as managers as the new ideas we come into contact with challenge our preconceptions. These ideas give us the opportunities to consider new avenues of action when navigating challenges.

This week’s assignment is designed to assist you in gaining literacy in the ideas of seminal thinkers in organizational change and innovation. It is not enough that we just understand the examples; we must understand the theories that are being applied around us in our professional environments. You may want to begin your search with the work of leaders such as those you considered in the discussion board this week (Deming, Drucker, and Senge) on their ideas; however, please feel free to open up your search in wider parameters concerning organizations, their structures, and operating environments.

Please identify a minimum of 5 sources from the library, produce an appropriate APA reference for each of these sources, and describe the core points of each of these authors in a minimum of 150 words for each source.

Finally, provide a 1 page conclusion, set apart with a proper APA heading, that synthesizes the ideas of each of the presented authors into an introductory, though well-informed, opinion of your own in the shape of a personal essay. For clarity, the conclusion does not require referencing.

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Assignment Directions:
  • Create a referral list of  services at the college or university where you completed your practicum.

  • The list should include a minimum of 20 services both on campus AND within the local area (e.g., local after-hours medical care, etc.) that can assist your department in meeting the needs of college students.
  • The list should include the 1) department/office name, 2) full contact information (i.e., phone, e-mail, website,  physical address, etc.), and 3) a brief description (1-3 sentences) of services for at least 20 resources.

  • Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font.

  • The list should be well-organized  and easy for students to locate information.

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Joe and Mary are married for 6 years. Between them, they have five children. Both of them were previously married. Joe’s ex-wife claimed physical and mental abuse. Joe grew up with a physically abusive father and Mary lived with an over-possessive mother, was insecure, and suggest that ‘men cannot love.’ Mary has a six-month-old baby still breastfeeding. Joe is not happy when Mary is feeding the baby. He becomes angry. Mary is afraid he will hurt the baby.

Joe had been physically abusive to his biological children. He was never abusive to Mary or her biological children. Friends have indicated to Mary that Joe needs help, but Mary feels that Joe has changed.

Mary’s older daughter is afraid of Joe because her half-brother has told her stories of Joe’s behavior. Mary depends on Joe for financial support and feels that she cannot separate from him. Joe denies responsibility for former abuse and blames others for his behavior, and states that he loves Mary and his children. Joe and Mary have never discussed abuse.

All writing assignments, discussions, tests, examinations, projects must be created in a narrative format. Bullets points and lists are unacceptable unless the bullet points and lists are followed by an extensive detailed description or explanation that follows the narrative format – at least a paragraph (6 sentences). 


Please follow these directions in the following order:

The first paragraph – Analyze the case

Second paragraph – Recommendations for Joe

Third paragraph – Recommendations for Mary

Fourth paragraph – Recommendations for the children

Lastly at least four APA in-text citations and references (at least one APA in-text citation and one reference for the analysis and one for each recommendation)

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